Autonomic nervous system assessment in critically ill patients undergoing a cognitive rehabilitation therapy
Resumen: Recent clinical and electrophysiological studies reveal a high incidence of autonomic nervous system (ANS) dysfunction in patients treated in Intensive Care Units (ICUs). Cognitive rehabilitation (CR) is a behavioral therapy that has proven to be effective improving cognitive deficits in clinical populations with abnormalities in brain activation patterns. A total of 17 critically ill patients received CR aimed to improve the ANS status, which was quantified in terms of HRV. The CR included cognitive exercises aimed to improve prefrontal activation. HRV was obtained during pre-CR, CR and post-CR. Power in the low (PLF) and high (PHF) frequency bands related to sympathetic and parasympathetic systems was computed. PHF was obtained within a band centered at respiratory rate. Comparing with baseline values, 7 patients showed an increased PHF in post-CR, suggesting an increase of parasympathetic activity.
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DOI: 10.1109/CIC.2015.7411028
Año: 2016
Publicado en: Computing in Cardiology 42 (2016), 785-788
ISSN: 2325-8861

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