Ghostly bodies

Pérez Royo, Victoria (Universidad de Zaragoza)
Ghostly bodies
Resumen: What are you currently working on? It is a reconstruction of a dance piece?
Fabián Barba: This january I started working on a new project, A personal yet collective history. The starting point was to reflect on how through my educati n I’ve been put in contact with the history of dance and how I have internalized a part of it. Instead of looking for a flow of information from the outside to the inside - from the archives to the embodiment as in the case of A Mary Wigman Dance Evening (AMWDE)- I wanted to look for that which was already (in) there (learnt techniques, images, ideas, pleasures) to put them later in relation with a larger dance history (out there). In that sense reconstruction doesn’t seem so far to be the most appropriate methodology, though it’s too early for me to know for sure.
VPR: In this sense you are working with a noti on of the body as an archive of learnt and embodied techniques and movement languages, which could be related to Paul Ricoueur’s habit-memory: that memory created by repetition and which works in a kind of pseudoautomatism, as when one recites a text or a poem one has learnt as a child. Because of this automatism this kind of memory, opposed to the imaginative one, in ...

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Publicado en: A.DNZ 2 (2016), 123-127
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