Nanofabrication techniques of highly organized monolayers sandwiched between two electrodes for molecular electronics
Resumen: It is expected that molecular electronics, i.e., the use of molecules as critical functional elements in electronic devices, will lead in the near future to an industrial exploitable novel technology, which will open new routes to high value-added electronic products. However, despite the enormous advances in this field several scientific and technological challenges should be surmounted before molecular electronics can be implemented in the market. Among these challenges are the fabrication of reliable, robust and uniform contacts between molecules and electrodes, the deposition of the second (top) contact electrode, and development of assembly strategies for precise placement of molecular materials within device structures. This review covers advances in nanofabrication techniques used for the assembly of monomolecular films onto conducting or semiconducting substrates as well as recent methods developed for the deposition of the top contact electrode highlighting the advantages and limitations of the several approaches used in the literature. This contribution also aims to define areas of outstanding challenges in the nanofabrication of monomolecular layers sandwiched between two electrodes and opportunities for future research and applications.
Idioma: Inglés
DOI: 10.2478/nanofab-2014-0010
Año: 2014
Publicado en: Nanofabrication 1 (2014), 96-117
ISSN: 2299-680X

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