Determinación de los amino ácidos potencialmente limitantes en el crecimiento de los terneros lactantes

Temmar, Rokia
Calsamiglia Blancafort, Sergio (dir.)

Manuel Fondevila Camps (ponente)

Universidad de Zaragoza, VET, 2017
Producción Animal y Ciencia de los Alimentos department, Producción Animal area

Máster Universitario en Nutrición Animal

Abstract: The objective of this study was to compare the effect of feeding milk-replacer (MR) with or without added specific amino acids on calf growth and plasma amino acids concentration. Eighty calves were selected at random from a commercial farm. The average age at entry was 2.8 ± 1.75 d and the average initial body weight was 43.5 ± 6.36 kg. Calves were distributed to 1 of 4 MR treatments: 1) Control, a MR with 24.5% CP and 21.0% fat; LMT treatment, the MR supplemented with 0.62% L-Lys, 0.22% L-Met and 0.61% Thr; 3) PT treatment, the MR supplemented with 0.2 % Phe and 0.2 % Tyr; and PG treatment, the MR supplemented with 0.3% Pro and 0.1% Gly. All treatments were fed daily for 56 d. Calves received 4 l/day from day 1 to 4, 5 l/day from day 5 to 14, 6 l/day from day 15 to 49 and 3 l/day from day 50 to weaning at 56. Calf starter and straw were offered throughout the study. During this period, feed intake and growth performance were measured. There were no differences among treatments in body weight (BW), wither height (WH), average daily gain (ADG) or feed efficiency. From day, 1 to weaning at day 56 DM intake was in average 61.8 kg, ADG 787.3 g/d and feed efficiency 0.64. At weaning, average BW, WH and BW: WH ratio was 88.9 kg, 98 cm and 0.91, respectively. Therefore, feeding calves with an MR that contains 24.5% CP and 17% fat contains sufficient amino acids to support the target growth.

Tipo de Trabajo Académico: Trabajo Fin de Master

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