APFT: Active peer-based Flip Teaching
Resumen: The Flip Teaching model1 (the lesson at home, the homework in class) has been used to actively engage students in their learning process during the lectures. In this method, passive learning (the lesson) is transferred to homework and the activity (exercises, debates, collaborative learning, etc.) to the class. More advanced Flip Teaching models carry out an intermediate phase in which the students can actively participate "at home", such as Micro Flip Teaching model. This model proposes an on-line activity composed by the learning of the lesson and the realization of an individual micro-activity on the same and then, in class, work on the obtained results in the micro-activity. In this work, the Micro Flip Teaching model has been adapted to carry out the online activity in a collaborative way in work teams. The main novelty of this proposal is that the active participation of the students generates resources that can be used as didactic material in future editions of the subject. To evaluate the impact of this proposal, an experimental group has been established that used resources generated by students from previous subject editions, while the control group used only resources generated by the teacher. The research shows that the resources generated by students are equally effective than those generated by teachers.
Idioma: Inglés
DOI: 10.1145/3144826.3145433
Año: 2017
Publicado en: ACM International Conference Proceeding Series Part F132203, 83 (2017), [7 pp]
ISSN: 9781-2291

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