Estratificación del riesgo en el dolor torácico en urgencias. Revisión sistemática
Resumen: Abstract
Title: Importance of risk stratification in chest pain in the emergency department. Systematic review. Chest pain is a
frequent reason for consultation in Emergency Department. Is characterized by great heterogeneity regarding chest presentation,
final diagnosis and the risk for the patient. An adequate risk stratification is crucial for a properly and complete
initial from Emergency Department. Evaluation. For this reason is required the knowledge and use of Risk Stratificacion
Scalespara lo que se requiere el conocimiento y uso de las Escalas de Estratificación del Riesgo disponibles. Objective: To
compare different risk stratification tools in patients with chest pain in the Emergency Department, related to the discrimination
of subjects with increased risk of major adverse cardiac events. Methodology: A Systematic Review in databases
CINAHL, PUBMED, CUIDEN, EMBASE, LILACS and SCIELO. Were included studies using a risk stratification tools to predict
major adverse cardiac events. Results: 12 studies were included. These studies identified 7 risk stratification tools. The
TIMI Risk Score was the most used. Of them, TIMI, GRACE, HEART Score and TIMI Modified received the highest discrimination
capability (c>0.70), with the higher score for HEART Score. Conclusions: TIMI, GRACE and HEART Score are the
largely risk stratification tools investigated, HEART Score showed the highest predictive capacity to major adverse cardiac
events. Others risk stratification tools have been identified, however have not been conducted a rigorous validation, this is
defined as a future research line.
Key words
Chest Pain; Acute Coronary Syndrome; Prognosis; Emergency Department; Risk Assessment.

Idioma: Español
Año: 2018
Publicado en: Nure investigación 15, 92 (2018), [11 pp.]
ISSN: 1697-218X

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