David Alderson. 2016. Sex, Needs & Queer Culture. From Liberation to the Post-Gay. London: Zed Books. 316 pp.
Resumen: In Sex, Needs & Queer Culture. From Liberation to the Post-Gay, David Alderson defends a humanist conviction whereby “the subject is not merely discursively produced, but a substantial entity in its own right” (18).1 In opposition to the queer perfomative principle, the book is based on the reality principle, mostly through its alignment with cultural materialism and socialist politics. Drawing on Alan Sinfield (1998), Alderson calls for an organic role for the critic, well beyond the straightjacketed limits of academic tradition. That the critic intervenes socially does not convert him into a protagonist, but into a part of a relational community...
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DOI: 10.28914/ATLANTIS-2017-39.2.18
Año: 2017
Publicado en: ATLANTIS 39, 2 (2017), 247-251
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