Effect of low temperature storage on the olive oil quality and nutritional parameters
Resumen: One of the causes of loss in olive oil quality is oxidation, which decreases its shelf life. Only few previous works have studied the effect of storage at cold and freezing temperatures on the quality of olive oil. The aim of this work was to follow the effect of freezing and cold temperatures during storage on the quality and nutritional parameters (fatty acids, a -tocopherol, total phenols and pigments) of olive oil in comparison with storage at 15°C. The physicochemical, nutritional and sensorial parameters of the olive oils were studied along storage in optimal conditions at different temperatures. The research showed that freezing and cold storage temperatures maintained a higher quality in olive oils. Frozen storage of olive oil maintained higher levels of antioxidant compounds ( a -tocopherol, total phenols), oxidative stability and fruitiness after 12 months of storage. For this reason, freezing could be considered as an appropriate system of storage to maintain the functional compounds of olive oil.
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Año: 2015
Publicado en: Rivista Italiana delle Sostanze Grasse 92, 1 (2015), 243-251
ISSN: 0035-6808

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