author        = "Lavilla Gutiérrez, Javier and López Pérez, César",
      title         = "{Prevención del acoso escolar en redes sociales.}",
      year          = "2019",
      note          = "Abstract The prevention of bullying in social networks is
                       one of the new needs that must be addressed by the
                       pedagogical guidance departments. Among the current
                       challenges, peer harassment continues to be present. There
                       has been a transfer of these problems of coexistence to
                       virtual media. The guidance departments have the function
                       of participating in the school's Coexistence Plan,
                       coordinating the appropriate measures to carry out an
                       effective primary prevention that avoids the occurrence of
                       harassment problems, both on-site and online. (ORDER
                       ECD/1003, BOA of June 7, 2018, which determines the actions
                       that contribute to promoting coexistence, equality and the
                       fight against bullying in the educational communities of
                       Aragon.) This TFM aims to achieve the goal of helping to
                       prevent harassment in social networks through an
                       educational innovation program based on a guide to train
                       teachers adequately and sufficiently to better manage
                       situations related to harassment in social networks. The
                       use of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)
                       provides innumerable advantages and potentials but also
                       involves risks that must be analyzed and proactively
                       prevented.  Key words: school bullying ; formation ; social
                       network ; prevention ; educational guidance Nota: El
                       presente TFM incluye un tablero  de juego en formato A2 y
                       fichas de juego modeladas a mano en arcilla polimérica.",