author        = "Rodríguez Larrosa, Agostina  and Ariño Moneva, Agustín
                       and Carramiñana Esteban, Juan José",
      title         = "{Estudio in vitro del efecto de ácidos fenólicos
                       naturales sobre el crecimiento de mohos y la producción de
      year          = "2014",
      note          = "he overall objective of this study is to evaluate in vitro
                       the effect of major natural phenolic acids (ferulic,
                       caffeic, coumaric, chlorogenic) at various concentrations
                       on the growth of Aspergillus parasiticus CECT 2682 and its
                       ability to synthesize aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2. It was
                       carried out the set-up and the subsequent validation of a
                       method of detection by HPLC, high resolution liquid 
                       chromatography, with a prior step of purification by column
                       solid phase extraction. The phenolic acids tested showed a
                       fungistatic effect against Aspergillus parasiticus CECT
                       2682. Aflatoxin production was inhibited at concentrations
                       of 20 mM. The most effective phenolic acids were
                       chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid.",