La guerra de sucesión en la novela histórica popular y en el discurso infantil y juvenil
Resumen: This paper presents an overview of the historical literature on the War of Succession (especially LIJ) is plotted, from the brief description of each of the sixty titles that make up the literary corpus of inquiry. This contest generated on the terrain itself a literature of combat to be reformulated in romantic period of the nineteenth century by some authors who write in Catalan his historical novels. In this thematic motifs serial literature and literary features that will be reused in its popular authors for some period of Democracy novels are appreciated, even by writers of children''s literature, especially in Catalonia, which make their narratives about episodes like the Barcelona siege by the troops of Philip V (in children''s literature) or subsequent significance of the Feast of the Day (child). The authors of LIJ serve the usual variety of subgenres to influence from a nationalist perspective on the historical significance of those virulent moments of 1714. In lesser extent the authors recreate moments on stage war Valencian, with the battle of Almansa as a backdrop. Less numerous, though significant, is written in Castilian narrative.
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Año: 2016
Publicado en: Tonos digital 30 (2016), [18 pp.]
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