Direct infussion Electrospray Mass Spectrometry as a new non-invasive tool for serum metabolomics in induced-stress subjects
Resumen: Background and Objectives: Nanotechnology is becoming a tool for the study of changes in the metabolome of patients in different states of disease. Analytical techniques such as Electrospray Mass Spectrometry, allow to find biomarkers by determi- nation of metabolites. Nowadays, there is not an objective analytical approach for diagno- sis of stress. Thus, the objectives of this pilot work are:
– Describing the development of a fast, direct and non-invasive analytical protocol, ap- plied for the first time, to study the metabolomic profile of patient s different states through a disease.
– Testing the protocol in a pilot sample with non-stressed and stress-induced subjects.
Methods: High resolution direct infusion electrospray mass spectrometry has been used to analyse the metabolome of blood samples (0.3 ml) from six subject s.
Results: Data prove a clear discrimination between non-stressed and stressed states in the metabolome. Data showed different predominant metabolites in both states. Results allow objective characterization of the state of the patient.
Conclusions: Although this is a pilot study, the method was successful in discriminating different metabolites in non-stressed and stress-induced subjects.

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Año: 2015
Publicado en: European Journal of Psychiatry 29, 4 (2015), 259-275
ISSN: 0213-6163

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