Development of polymer-based nanocomposite films with electrical properties based on silver nanowires

Moreno Vidorreta, Iván
Irusta, S. (dir.) ; Navascués García, Nuria (dir.)

Universidad de Zaragoza, CIEN, 2012
Ingeniería Química y Tecnologías del Medio Ambiente department, Ingeniería Química area

Máster Universitario en Materiales Nanoestructurados para Aplicaciones Nanotecnológicas (Nanostructured Materials for Nanotechnology Applications)

Abstract: This project has been focus on the synthesis of silver nanowires by a chemical process to be used in the preparation of nanocomposites with electrical properties. Polycarbonate has been used as matrix and the nanocomposite films were prepared by the casting method. The main objective is to achieve electrical properties in polycarbonate by the addition of silver nanowires. This project collects a comprehensive study about silver nanowires synthesis by polyol method. The optimal condition to obtain and preserve the silver nanowires has been studied changing the different synthesis parameters and the storage methods. Silver nanowires were characterized using different techniques (SEM, TEM, UV-Vis and XRD) obtaining information about their size and morphology. The synthesized silver nanowires were embedded in a polycarbonate matrix obtaining thin films with a good dispersion of the silver nanowires inside the polymeric matrix using casting method. A deep study has been carried out in order to obtain the better conditions to obtain the nanocomposite films. The project includes the characterization of this nanocomposite films by several techniques (SEM, TGA and optical microscopy). The electrical behaviour of polycarbonate / silver nanowires nanocomposite films has been studied, analysing the complex impedance of these. High conductivity has been achieved for these nanocomposite films.

Free keyword(s): nanocomposites ; nanowires ; electrical properties ; polymeric films ; casting
Tipo de Trabajo Académico: Trabajo Fin de Master

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